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ummm, apparently the console opened, and its apparently sending data and listening to an ip that doesnt exist? i have a couple questions about this.

I also have a couple questions about that- I've never seen that before.

"some games none of them are pirated yep"

I played your game with a friend and it was cringy and badly recorded.

I just realized that seems really rude. I was talking about the video when I said 'cringy' and not the video.

Buddy's even more lovely with a voice


Played your game in an indie romp. liked what you had going on here, been a while since I played a satisfying point and click. keep it up!

Your game starts at 8:55





Good fun until I found a crowbar in my skull!


I love that even when he's off, he's like "I still see you!"

Certainly an interesting concept :) 

Well, wasn't this an interesting little experience. 

I am not gonna lie, I was expecting something else and am a little disappointed I did not get it. I was expecting more of a mess-with-your-head game where Buddy speaks to you (living up to his premise of being an AI Friend) and gradually getting more disturbing based on your responses. In fact, based on your description, I found Buddy oddly quiet, but maybe I simply plowed through the endings too fast. 

That said, I do rather like the premise and the various solutions leading to all the endings, many of which are things similar games would find contrived ways to keep you from even trying, and the implications in some of the endings are delightfully disturbing (as is that secret little thing when you et all endings and the nice menu touch). 

It's a pretty fun and interesting little point and click escape room with many possible solutions using only a few Items, which is definitely a cool take. So, good hob. I enjoyed it despite it not being what I thought it would be for certain. 

Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite it not really being what you expected.

I will say, striking the balance between Buddy talking enough to have it be not annoying at all was quite a difficult task, as previous playtesters said it was too frequent and annoying and interrupted gameplay too often for most of the times I set for him to be speaking.

It's really cool poking around to find more and more endings. Got a majority but still a couple are eluding me. :)

I really liked the game. I only managed to get 2 out of 8 endings but it was still fun.

Hello im BryChestAfflux, will this run an I core 3 processor? If yes ill play this :)

I'd be surprised if it doesn't, it shouldn't be too intensive a game.

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My god this is disturbing and i love it! I achieved all endings except one. still figuring that one out. 

Edit: I got it all. will upload a video of it soon! Just a quick question, I can't change one of the setting, is it intentional? it adds the creepy factor

Haha, yes, the Buddy chatter setting can't be changed, that was an intentional feature :P

Thank you for the feedback :)